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Uncle Ray's "Nubian Pride" Soy Blend Hand Poured Candle

Uncle Ray's "Nubian Pride" Soy Blend Hand Poured Candle

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Uncle Ray's Nubian Pride Soy Blend candles, are premium quality, hand poured, long lasting, and very effective in providing a pleasant fragrance to any living space. 

Our candle fragrances are free from any carcinogen or toxic ingredients, such as phthalates which have been known to cause not only cancer but also are recognized to be endocrine disruptors, and cause fertility issues, and other health problems. 

The fragrances are cruelty-free, and no animal testing has been done to produce the finished fragrance. These same fragrances are used to produce our air fresheners that are sold with our candles, so the fragrances are safe to use in both applications.

They are offered in a 4oz. and 16oz. size for small and large room use. You'll be surprised how much area they will cover.

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