About Us

Raymond S. King Jr. (AKA Uncle Ray) has formulated over 50 products that have been sold throughout the country since 1988. These products have been sold in over 23 states and three countries. His very first product was a wick style deodorizer, which he produced while he was working as a paramedic. This introduction to manufacturing lead him on the quest to produce products that would surpass similar products on the market.

The variation of products he produces include household and industrial cleaners, a variety of deodorizers, hair & skin care products, and some very unique specialty products including a notable sports rub, candles, tattoo after care products, growth serums for eye lashes and eye brows, weight and cellulite reducing creme, natural topical antiseptic products and an industrial odor neutralizer.In addition, he also consult with other companies and individuals to assist them in developing their own brand. Private label, formulation, and drop shipping services are offered to those who want to start or expand their own business. If you can dream it, we can bring it to fruition.