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Simplee Natural Piercing Spray

Simplee Natural Piercing Spray

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Simplee Natural Tea Tree Oil Piercing Spray provides the power of nature to ensure proper after care results of new body piercings.  Our formulation of Colloidal Silver, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and Tea Tree provides a powerful and effective daily cleansing without interfering with the natural healing process. All of our ingredients are well known to inhibit bacteria growth and work synthetically to maintain an optimal area of healing. 

Healing times are different based on the type and position of the piercing, and can vary significantly from person to person, depending upon a variety of factors such as lifestyle, movement and your overall health. It is very important to clean a new piercing at least twice daily and follow the recommendations below.

1) Do not remove or replace the initial piercing jewellery until it is fully healed.
2)Do not use soap, shampoo, and chemical residues from showering/bathing. Be sure to rinse the piercing with clean water following a shower or a bath.
3) Do not play or fiddle with the piercing, this will likely increase healing time, cause it to swell, and/or cause an infection.
4) Do not move or twist the piercing while it is dry. If any secreted discharge has hardened on the jewellery, turning it may tear the skin, increase scarring and the risk of getting fluid build-ups, it will prolong healing and could leave you more susceptible to infection.
5) Do not expose the piercing to any trauma, always be gentle, any unintentional contact may cause swelling or soreness to flare up again throughout the healing phase.   
6) Do not swimming pools for the first few weeks, and do not sleep on your piercing – it will delay healing and can enlarge the piercing resulting in improper healing.

After the piercing, it may bleed if knocked. This is common and perfectly normal! Just apply some sterile gauze and pressure for a couple of minutes until the blood clots.
For the first few weeks, expect the area to be red, swollen, tender, puffy & sometimes bruised.
Expect the piercing to bleed on and off and secrete a sticky clear/white/pale yellow fluid throughout the healing process. This may form a crust once its dried. The daily aftercare and soaking as directed below will eliminate the unwanted build-up of dried secretions. Many people mistake this fluid as a sign of infection – please don’t worry, its usually lymph which is completely normal and is a healthy part of the healing process. A green smelly fluid indicates infection.

Using Simplee Natural Tea Tree Oil Piercing Spray is very simple and effective when applied properly.
1) Make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your piercing!
2) Saturate a piece of clean lint free paper towel with the solution and place on piercing in order to thoroughly soak it for a couple of minutes. Then use a clean Q-tip saturated with the solution to remove any crusty bits of secretion that should now be nice and soft thanks to the previous soaking. Use another piece of paper towel to absorb and excess liquid and allow to just air dry.
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