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Dragon's Fire Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Dragon's Fire Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Dragon's Fire Multi-Purpose Cleaner is formulated with biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers to provide the most economical yet effective multi-use cleaner offered on the market.  Because it comes in a super concentrate, it can be diluted with water and replace most of the cleaning products used around the home, office and work place.  It will clean hard surfaces from glass to concrete, from cleaning those messy carpet stains to being used as a pre-spot for those tough laundry jobs.  For the extreme grease and soiled conditions, this cleaner will quickly and completely dissolve even the most stubborn grease, oil, wax and heavy soil from surfaces not damaged by water.  Just think, instead of purchasing glass cleaner, tub & tile cleaner, carpet cleaner, oven cleaner, pre-wash, floor & wall cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser, white wall tire cleaner, engine cleaner, wax stripper, etc… you only buy one product for all these needs and others too numerous to mention.  To get your full savings always use as directed.  Not only are you saving money and getting a product that works, you are also helping to drastically reduce the refuge that goes into the land fill.


INSTRUCTIONS: First determine the degree of cleaning and type of job you want to perform.  The heavier the build up, the more concentrated you will the end dilution to be.  It is recommended that you begin with a dilution ratio of 5:1 ( one part product to 5 parts water) for general cleaning.  Rubber gloves are also recommended when ratio is equal to or greater than 5:1.  A ratio of 1:1 to full strength is needed for heavier cleaning i.e. ovens, car engines, grills, etc…  For lighter cleaning a ratio of 3:1 to 5:1 is effective.  On tough jobs a scouring pad or spraying product on the surface and allow to stand, and the use of hot water will increase its effectiveness and decrease cleaning time.  Always rinse surfaces with clean water when the product is used in high concentrations.  Always test fabric surfaces for colorfastness before using cleaner.  Remember you have the flexibility to mix the amount of cleaner you need with water.  Since each job can be different, you can increase or decrease strength by adding more product or water as needed.


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