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Candle Crafter's Academy

Candle Crafter's Academy

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Uncle Ray's Candle Crafter's Academy is an opportunity to learn the how, the when, and the why about candle making. It's done in a small intimate setting of like minded individuals wanting to obtain and/or expand their knowledge of producing handcrafted scented candles. We offer this opportunity to both specific and mixed age groups to ensure optimal social interaction and a FUN experience.

Snacks will be available for in person sessions and each participant will have a large and small candle they can carry home, or keep, if virtual, to show their candle making ability.

This class will teach you how to make your very own candle. It can be taught both in person for those local or virtual on Zoom for those unable to attend in person, so we can teach the art of candle making anywhere i the country. Just think, you can have family members participate in the same class no matter where they are. The charge is only $50.00, plus $12.50 s/h for those will be attending virtually.

You will receive all the material needed to create one large (16oz,) and one small (4oz.) candle.The items you will receive are containers for the large & small candle, wicks, wick holders, wick adhesive disk, wax, and fragrance. You will need to have a heat source to melt wax, plastic stirrer, hair dryer or heat gun. You will be called to go over what's best to have on hand.

You can also order a bulk starter set to create multiple candles for gifts and/or to sell. We will help you every step of the way, just let us know.

There are options to have exclusive classes for family, bridal groups, birthday gatherings, or private groups. Regular classes are offered on Thursdays and Sunday evenings at 6:00pm, est. However exclusive classes can be scheduled for different times. To register, see online registration below. Once, you have registered, please pay for the class, your material will be sent to you, if virtual, and your space in the class will be confirmed.

For those choosing the virtual option, please schedule your class at least 10 days after you place your order to allow time to receive your candle making items, which will be sent UPS.

For additional information, please email or call 336-405-8079

NOTE: Each session will be closed once 10 participants have registered, unless it's a exclusive group session.

Please CLICK HERE to register below before paying for your option. Scroll down page to reach Registration form.



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