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Foaming Tattoo Cleanser

Foaming Tattoo Cleanser

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Protect and pamper your new tattoos with Uncle Ray’s Coconut Oil Foaming Tattoo Cleanser. This gentle, all-natural formula effectively cleanses new tattoos, ensuring optimal healing conditions. 100% vegan and never tested on animals, our Tattoo Cleanser is infused with Tea Tree Oil and Colloidal Silver to provide a thorough, yet non-irritating clean that will not damage your new tattoo.


1. Allow the new tattoo area to breathe. Do not replace the original bandage.

2. Begin by washing your hands. Then gently cleanse the tattoo using only your hand and the Uncle Ray’s Coconut Oil Foaming Tattoo Cleanser. Apply the foam and gently rub in a circular motion until the tattoo and surrounding area have been cleansed. Pat the area dry and let it air dry.

3. After the area has dried, apply a small amount of Uncle Ray’s Tattoo Crème to the entire area. Our crème is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Repeat this process at least three times daily, or more if needed, to prevent your tattoo from drying and itching.

4. Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo.

5. Avoid exposing the tattoo to water when showering or bathing and avoid swimming. Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds, and do not apply regular lotions or cremes for at least two weeks or until the healing is complete.

6. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes or clothing that might irritate the skin.

7. Use Uncle Ray’s Tattoo Crème exclusively during and immediately after the tattoo after-care period.

Caring for your new tattoo is critical to maintain its vibrant colors and sharp lines. Trust in the power of Uncle Ray’s Coconut Oil Foaming Tattoo Cleanser and Tattoo Crème to give your new artwork the care it deserves.
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