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Artisan Candle

Artisan Candle

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Introducing Uncle Ray's Soy Blend Candles - premium quality, hand poured, and designed for longevity. These candles are effective in creating a pleasant fragrance in any living space.

What sets our candles apart is the commitment to safety and health. The fragrances we use are free from carcinogens or toxic ingredients such as phthalates, which are known to cause cancer, disrupt endocrine function, and lead to fertility issues and other health problems.

Our fragrances are cruelty-free - no animals were harmed or tested upon in the production of our candles. The same fragrances are used to produce our air fresheners sold with our candles, so rest assured they are safe to use in both applications.

Uncle Ray's Soy Blend Candles are available in 4oz. and 16oz. sizes, suitable for small and large room use respectively. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much area these candles can cover. Light up your space with our candles, and enjoy a soothing and safe fragrance experience.
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